Whole Person Therapy

Counselling is traditionally known as a ‘talking therapy’ and much of what is talked about is to do with how a person behaves, thinks and feels. In contrast, whole person therapy is interested in what is being experienced in the body, as well as what is happening mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. As a whole person therapist I don’t consider any part of a person as being more important, in fact I believe all parts of a person ‘speak’ in their own way and I actively listen for that.

There are different techniques that can be used to help me listen to your body, mind, emotions and spirit and to help you to hear them too. People with long term chronic conditions, both physical and non-physical find whole person therapy really beneficial. People who are struggling to make difficult decisions, or feel ‘stuck’ in their circumstances also find it very helpful.

Everything I use is by invitation, so we only do what you feel comfortable and safe doing. We work collaboratively; I don’t give you advice or tell you how to live your life. I do know a lot about how to help people, but you are the expert on your experience. When we combine these two kinds of knowledge, progress is made.

I see you as an individual. You are from a unique family of origin, with your own exclusive combination of genes. You have had your own journey of life and therefore your own unique set of experiences. Because I believe this, I will not be ‘analysing’ you, there will be no box that I fit you in to. I will get to know you and your story, and together we will figure out what is helpful for you, what strengths you already have, what choices you may want to make, and what might be holding your back from those choices.

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