Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a therapeutic tool developed by Dr Steve Porges. It has 20 years of clinical research showing effectiveness in helping children and adults with a history of trauma, or with developmental delays. Originally created for children who struggle with learning, behaviour, sensory sensitivities and trauma, it has also been used with adult clients with great success. 

The protocol requires a client to listen to specially modified music daily over several days. The music exercises the body's tiniest muscles - those in the inner ear. When these muscles are working well, the nervous system can retune, making it able to better sense safety, and better interpret human speech and the emotional meaning of language. Once their nervous system is more regulated, clients often notice:

·  A calmer emotional and physiological state

·  A reduction in stress and anxiety

·  A reduction in auditory and other sensitivities

·  An enhanced ability to focus and learn

·  Better emotional control

·  Spontaneous social behaviours

·  Improved sleep patterns

In some instances the protocol can be done in the clients own home. The location and the length of delivery depends on the outcome of assessment and consultation.

Already working with another counsellor, but interested in doing SSP?

If you are already working with another counsellor, but would like to try this protocol, check your counsellor is comfortable with this approach. Then give me a ring and we can talk about what’s involved and how it might work for you.  It can be helpful for me talk with your counsellor about the SSP, so they understand how it might sit alongside the work you are already doing, and for them to ask questions. 

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